Frequently Asked Questions

Is my personal information kept private?  

Absolutely. Initially, your details are used to set up your platform and social media accounts, as well as pay outs. You will have complete control of your account, and you can delete your account whenever you want. 

We take your privacy and safety very seriously. We use geographical restrictions to block cities, counties, and even nations. Stage names are used to help hide your identity 

How much can I earn as a webcam model?  

Viewers (Customers) are charged per minute to interact with models (you). Webcam models may expect to earn between $500-$10,000 per week, with an average of 24 hours of online time. Models with more experience will receive more than $2,000-$10,000 a week. SteelKing Studios will be here to provide training and resources to help you optimize your earning potential.  

What is a Webcam Model?  

A webcam model (colloquial gender-neutral: cammodel; female: camgirl; male: camboy) is a video performer who is streamed on the Internet with a live webcam broadcast. 

A webcam model often performs erotic acts online, such as stripping, masturbation, or sex acts in exchange for money, goods, or attention. They may also sell videos of their performances. 

Do I have to show my face?   

No, it is not necessary, but we are encouraging all our models to reveal their faces. You can select your username, age, location along with your profile pictures when building your profile. You can be whoever you want to be. You have power.  

How often do I need to work?  

Many models work just a few hours a week, and others work 20 + hours a week. The beautiful thing about modeling is you can choose when and for how long you will be online. You can log in and start earning, if you have access to a laptop, Webcam, and the Internet. 

How do I get paid?  

Payday is every Saturday by 12pm via your choice of payout option. We offer direct deposit, Zelle, Venmo, ect. 

For models who earn over $500 in any single day, will be paid out by the next day.